Audio Experiment 003 – Maralyn Marsh sings Rain

This one is just an excerpt from an audio file that was downloaded from the Internet archive. The excerpt was excerpted with the Hindenburg audio editor with a tiny bit of fading in and out at either end.

Eugene Ford’s Rain (excerpt Maralyn Marsh)

Wanted to do something more with the rest of the song but couldn’t figure out which way to go with it. So that can wait until an idea comes along. Still, it feels important to post Maralyn Marsh’s interpretation of this cute lyric by the composer Eugene Ford for some reason – maybe because it rains a lot here compared to Saudi Arabia.

The recording of Marsh with Larry Fortine’s orchestra was made in 1950. The song had been a hit in the 1920s. The internet archive features several other earlier versions of it. As I might’ve ¬†said before, there’s lots of treasures to be found in that internet archive. Check it out while you still can.¬†

1 thought on “Audio Experiment 003 – Maralyn Marsh sings Rain

  1. Sinclair

    Rain is very appropriate song for the Pacific Northwest right now. Maralyn Marsh has a wonderful voice, Thank you for exposing me to her work. I haven’t been to the internet archive for many years and will need to go back and find more of her songs.


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