Audio Experiment 2 – They Laughed

Rainbow Records - Me and My Shadow

This is kind of the same thing as yesterday’s experiment but a little different. Again, there are two pieces of audio: a voice recording of myself and an excerpted bit of audio from the Internet Archive’s audio library.

The excerpted bit is from the bridge of a 1949 recording by the Eddie “Piano” Miller Trio of Me and My Shadow. Did I tell you how much I love and rely upon the Internet Archive? Have I encouraged you to check it out and if possible support it? It’s a place that helps make digital dreams come true.

Anyhow, this is just a 40 second clip of audio in which I laid a sentence spoken short & sharp over an instrumental music bed excerpted as mentioned above. The sentence was then copied and pasted out of sequence in the second half of the file as you can experience below.

They laughed when I said my dream…

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