tokyo moment 01

tokyo moment 01

It was during the morning walk highlighted on the map above that the structure of this audio recording began to take shape. Several ideas have been swirling around since returning to Tokyo for a two week visit a few days back. Said anohter way, I’ve just now begun to make sense of some important things that should have been recognized a long time ago. This recording is the introduction to what will be a two-week project called scottlo’s 2019 tokyo moments.

Encountering curious bits of sculpture, cozy cafes, a chartreuse Prius in Sugamo, and some startling signage along the way, I found myself overcome with an unexpected emotion. So much so that I silently declared: I love you Tokyo to myself. One can never really anticipate when a random moment can have a profound effect. Nor can one be expected to always understand what is happening in such a moment. But if one is fortunate, there might be an opportunity to reflect and recognize that something noteworthy is happening.

A happy hour’s command, to steal a phrase from Whitman that has always appealed to me, led me to take another walk at noon time. Recordings were made at the other two green spaces in the lower left side of the map: the Koshikawa Botanical Garden and my old pondside recording studio in a section of Kyoiku No Mori park called Senshunen ( as seen in the software-filtered photo of the hand-like tree stretching over the brackish pond below ).

So it looks like I’ve got a bit of heavy lifting to do. As mentioned while sitting pondside, this recording is a very rough draft. I have a crystal clear sense of the message I want to convey. Unfortunately, I still lack the fluency and courage to find the words to express it. At least there are two more weeks of scottlo’s 2019 tokyo moments to try to pull that off.

4 thoughts on “tokyo moment 01

  1. Jarle Petterson

    Hey scottlo,

    So good to hear your voice and storytelling again, reporting on excursions the way only you can – and on a blog of your own (powered by WordPress to boot).

    Needless to say I’ve got it bookmarked, and will make sure to pop in every now and then.

    Congrats on both of your daughters’ educational progress!

    Jarle (your old RTI @ Anchor friend)

  2. Bill Smith

    So glad to hear you enjoying Tokyo again. By coincidence (providence, fate, kismet…) I was driving a bit yesterday and had you on the ol’ mp3 player, counting down the days leaving the Kingdom. Keep on talkin’, to rephrase Mr. Natural. —Byzantium Bill


    Most excellent to hear you again in Tokyo! Congratulations to you and your girls–super cool to learn they are thriving.
    All audio projects are good projects especially ones that help unearth ourselves—ALL THE META!
    Keep talking friend.


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