Can I Say Associative Trails?

I had no inkling I’d be doing a morning show simulcast on Strawboss Radio and ds106radio when I went to bed last night. But based upon what I appeared to have said during this recording it seems I’ve signed up do it again tomorrow and beyond.

The only edit made on this 55 minute mp3 file was to remove a couple of minutes at the beginning from Polecat Strut by the Polecats. Moving forward, I don’t plan to release entire shows in this manner. Instead, I’ll work on the reflection and interrogation process described in the final stop set.

Beyond that, I will resist commenting on the content in today’s program and kindly direct your attention to the replies section of this post upon listening.

So long as this remains fun and circumstances allow, I’ll try to continue weekday morning (PDT) shows for the duration. But it will require your help to keep it fun. Can we count you in?

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