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Why Do You Sit in the Corner Whispering?

By now you might have heard about the all-in-one web radio management suite Azuracast. Our friends at Reclaim Hosting have recently made it possible for anyone to build and run an internet radio station as well as an exciting selection of other open source software through their Reclaim Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) program. Having played with Azuracast over the past month at ds106radio and Strawboss Radio, I’m pleased to report that it’s probably never been easier or more fun for you or your organization to get into the radio game. That is if this is an idea that appeals to you.

Tutorials explaining how to set up and use Azuracast like a boss have recently appeared. The purpose of this and planned Strawboss blog posts is to get down my own thoughts about some of Azuracast’s features that show promise for aspiring broadcasters. For the remainder of this post, I’d like to describe the audio recording below and to list points relevant to using one of my favorite Azuracasts features: WebDJ.

what could go wrong?
Careful Listener Series 01

Last night I did a live radio show using WebDJ through Azuracast on Strawboss Radio. The recording was created automatically and no post-production work was done on it. I had two intentions in planning and presenting the show. First I wanted to provide an introducton to how to use WebDJ in the simplest configuration possible: a DJ playing music and talking between songs. The other intention was to share some recent discoveries of old 78rpm recordings I found on the internet archive.

I also had an idea early in the process that I’d write up a detailed tutorial type blog post with screen capture images and crisp clear documentation of the process. But as my WordPress chops are so atrophied and more time than I dare admit has already been put into this endeavor, I’ve decided to save that tutorial type post until I am again more comfortable with WordPress.

For me, an exciting part about doing the show on WebDJ last night was how simple it is to present an adequate program. There is no need for extensive audio production skills or technical wizardry. All you need are your streamer login ID and PW (freely available for the asking), an internet connected computer with a web browser and microphone (I used a Lenovo Thinkpad T480 laptop with built in mic and the Opera web browser), some mp3s to upload to WebDJ with good metadata, and something to say when you turn on the mic. It’s really that simple.

If after listening to the recording and reading this post, you have any desire to explore Azuracast’s WebDJ on Strawboss Radio, get in touch and I’ll get you set up with the necessary login credentials. And if you’d like to try it out at ds106radio once they get WebDJ up and running, similar can be arranged by contacting Diamond Jim.

There’s so much more to be said about the past month of experimenting and playing with Azuracast as well as my hopes and dreams for Strawboss. So I’m actually quite tickled and excited to begin planning for the next installment of the Careful Listener Series. I hope you’ll be able tune in live or at the very least catch it in recorded form here.

But it would be the gravest of ommisions to end this post without acknowledging the support, encouragement and friendship from Diamond Jim, Brian, Chahira, Anne-Marie, Tim and Giula. Without them, I’d still be watching vaporwave and classic tennis videos on the YouTube and the radio dreams would only be in my head and I might even hear voices in the night asking: why do you sit in the corner whispering?

Let’s make some great radio, together!