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Compare and Contrast

screen capture from background music channel on the YouTube

Over on the Twitter lately, I’ve been experimenting with audio tweets again. This time the experimenting is being done in service and preparation for Tokyo Calling Returns. TCR will be a limited duration audio series in something like a podcast form. That was the idea until I realized how fun and easy it is to do audio tweets nowadays.

But there are issues related to time. Twitter only allows 140 seconds for audio or video uploads to their website. And the audio tweet is actually a video file consisting of a still image and an audio track up to that two minute and 20 second (140 seconds) duration.

So then the purpose of this post is to present the original five minute audio recording done early Monday evening in the kitchen while a BGM soundtrack played. I was finishing up a little veggie roasting project at the time – the final five minutes, in fact. In twitter the five minutes had to be trimmed down to 140 seconds so it could be tweeted. I tried to select a good and coherent 138 second bit of the original file for the tweet pictured below.

The lesson is obvious is. If it can’t be said in less than 140 seconds it needs to be posted as a podcast or an audio postcard. Which reminds me, I haven’t done an audio postcard since leaving Saudi Arabia 13 months ago. Something might need to be done about that.