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tokyo moment 02

I decided to celebrate my twelve year Twitter anniversary by taking a long walk and recording some audio. The 6 KM trip from Myogadani station to the Le Bon Vivant cake shop in Hakusan should have taken about 90 minutes according to Google Maps. The walk itself took about two hours. And six hours after commencing the journey, I’m thrilled to have a 48 minute piece of audio to share.

On the way to Sugamo station, which doesn’t appear as a point on the route above, I decided to mix up the sequence of presenting the recordings. The combination of being confronted by unexpected memories and the encounter with the chindonya street performers in Otsuka was unsettling and I felt the need to provide a bit of explanation while walking down the narrow road to Sugamo.

As this tokyo moments project is just an experimental exploration and not a podcast, I don’t feel there is much point writing much here. The audio should speak for itself. The captions for the audio below will indicate where along the journey they occured.

As you will hear, I missed a turn and got lost near the end of the recording. Were it not for that, I’d never of had the good luck of seeing the below statue.

Lost on Hongo dori

Thanks for letting me share these several moments that made for an interesting way to spend a few lonely hours in Tokyo.