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Audio Experiment 003 – Maralyn Marsh sings Rain

This one is just an excerpt from an audio file that was downloaded from the Internet archive. The excerpt was excerpted with the Hindenburg audio editor with a tiny bit of fading in and out at either end.

Eugene Ford’s Rain (excerpt Maralyn Marsh)

Wanted to do something more with the rest of the song but couldn’t figure out which way to go with it. So that can wait until an idea comes along. Still, it feels important to post Maralyn Marsh’s interpretation of this cute lyric by the composer Eugene Ford for some reason – maybe because it rains a lot here compared to Saudi Arabia.

The recording of Marsh with Larry Fortine’s orchestra was made in 1950. The song had been a hit in the 1920s. The internet archive features several other earlier versions of it. As I might’ve  said before, there’s lots of treasures to be found in that internet archive. Check it out while you still can. 

Audio Experiment 2 – They Laughed

Rainbow Records - Me and My Shadow

This is kind of the same thing as yesterday’s experiment but a little different. Again, there are two pieces of audio: a voice recording of myself and an excerpted bit of audio from the Internet Archive’s audio library.

The excerpted bit is from the bridge of a 1949 recording by the Eddie “Piano” Miller Trio of Me and My Shadow. Did I tell you how much I love and rely upon the Internet Archive? Have I encouraged you to check it out and if possible support it? It’s a place that helps make digital dreams come true.

Anyhow, this is just a 40 second clip of audio in which I laid a sentence spoken short & sharp over an instrumental music bed excerpted as mentioned above. The sentence was then copied and pasted out of sequence in the second half of the file as you can experience below.

They laughed when I said my dream…

Audio Experiment 1 – Limehouse Blues

Audio Experiment 001 - image of editing window in Hindenburg

I didn’t take the time to check whether or not this would qualify as a #ds106 audio assignment. If such a task is not on the list perhaps it should be. 

The whole point of this experiment was to edit some audio into an mp3 for upload to the blog. In this case, the audio consists of a four minute introduction recorded through a medium quality USB microphone into my laptop (2012 MacBook Pro) using the Hindenburg audio editor combined with an excerpt from a 1949 episode of Matinee with Bob and Ray.

And what I’m most interested to learn from this experiment is how an mp3 file presents itself in a blog post. I don’t even know if WordPress will provide a player automatically.

I imagine that I’ll want to look into some type of plugin for this purpose. And I’ll also have to relearn how to get an rss 2.0 feed to be generated for when this thing goes into podcast mode.

I also imagine that updates to this post will follow…

Audio Experiment 001 – Limehouse Blues by Ken Wilson & Bill Green