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Shlock Around the Clock

Announcing a schedule chock-full of unfamiliar sounds around the clock just for you

After a few weeks of exploring and playing with Azuracast, I’m reminded of a line in one of Talking Heads’ songs that said something like: this must be the place. And if I were allowed to reflect on these radio dreams that have filled my imagination for as long as I can remember, I might be reminded of the line in a Barry Manilow song about having been alive forever and having written the very first, of being the music, the melody and the whole ball of wax. At long last, I seem to fallen into the most forutnate set of circumstances: to have unlimited access to a place where radio dreams come true.

This web radio experience from Azuracast, at least as I see it, has so much damn potential to give a platform for distributed audio expression to anyone with basic computer connectivity to the internet. My intention in this blog moving forward is to share my impressions and experiences gained while exploring Azuracast’s features and capabilities. For now, it will just be breadcrumbs like these to help me recall the path taken as it unfolds.

The purpose of this post is to announce that Strawboss Radio is currenlty serving up music around that clock using scheduled playlists from three different playlists: contrails, Dusty Fingers and randum. Each of those playlists represent folders full of mp3 files from different curators at the Internet Archive. What that means is that over 2,500 mp3s have been downloaded from IA and then uploaded to Strawboss Radio in the Music Files section of Azuracast. in a later post, as these scheduled play lists get refined, I’ll have more to say about the curators and how the play lists are put together to form a schedule.

Those familiar with how ds106radio’s autoDj is programmed will recall that the around the clock music source there is the amazing free-form station from New Jersey, USA: WFMU. To accomplish this, Tim and Jim have used a different feature set of playlists in Azuracast. Remote playlists give any Azuracast station the ability to retransmit another interent audio stream, as ds106radio does, until live programming commences.

And that is a feature that Strawboss and ds106radio have in common: the ability for anybody to go live at any hour of the day form anywhere in the world through an internet connected computer or mobile device. And this is the primary reason why I am here learning and playing how to use Azuracast. I want to do whatever I can to help whoever has the dream to make great radio. And I were I forced to provide an explanation for that, I suppose the best answer I could provide would be, “because it’s so damn fun.”